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Marine Gardens Lane Residences Elevation Chart

When you are looking for a new condo in the Marine Gardens Lane Residences in Singapore, you will want to view the elevation chart before you buy. You will need this when determining the height and layout of your new apartment. If you are unfamiliar with elevation charts, you can find one on the website of the developer or on the floor plan of the Marine Gardens Lane Residences. The elevation chart of Marine Gardens Lane Residences will show you how the buildings are arranged on the plot of land.

This landmark building is an award-winning development with a central garden. The architects of Marina Gardens Lane Residences are experts in sustainable Supergreen architecture. The Green Heart is a lush central area that evokes the beauty of rice terraces in Asia. The lush surroundings of Marina Gardens Lane Residences provide both peace and serenity in the middle of a bustling metropolis. This elevation chart shows where your new apartment is located and what you will see from every floor.

Marine Gardens Lane Residences is a landmark residential, business, and financial development in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Residents can look out over the water, Marina Station Square, and Central Linear Park. This condominium also features a pool, aquatic gym, and concierge corner. The building also features two meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 122 people, and can be joined together to create a large meeting room that can seat 244 people.

The Marina View Residences elevation chart has been updated to reflect the latest information on the development. The E-Brochures for this luxury residential development have been updated. The Marina View Residences will offer deluxe one-bedroom apartments as well as TBA units. The development is near the Shenton Way MRT Station and the Thomson East-Coast Line. The Marina View Residences also features a swimming pool.

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Marina Gardens Lane Residences information on the site plan and floor plans for the development will be available soon. Please also see the gallery as well as the video and e-brochure which will be uploaded here soon.

Disclaimer: The information listed above are strictly for your reference only and is by no means a conclusive and final representation of the units available. The chart is currently draft and is subjected to the final approval from the authorities. The developer and the salesperson is not responsible for the information reflected above and the information is strictly for entertainment purposes only. Please check with the direct developer sales team for more information for a more accurate representation. You can also register for a show flat viewing to get a better representation for the development for your consideration. Information on the elevation chart as well as the balance unit chart can be found here as well as at the showflat.

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